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Griffin Raises over $35,000 during January

Reports $439,000 cash on hand


LITTLE ROCK – Lieutenant Governor Tim Griffin today filed his monthly campaign finance report with the Arkansas Secretary of State’s office and provided the following statement:

“I am deeply honored and grateful for the continued support of my campaign. Arkansans are making it clear they want to keep a bold, conservative advocate as their lieutenant governor. I will continue to fight for government transformation, less spending and lower taxes so we can grow jobs and compete. I am thankful for the commitment and encouragement of hardworking Arkansans.”

Griffin announced his campaign raised $35,310 in January and has $439,577.85 cash on hand. Since announcing his re-election campaign for lieutenant governor, Griffin has raised $518,275.

Note: The totals in the “cumulative totals” column of the report are incorrect in Arkansas’s online system because the Arkansas filing website does not take into account any reporting before Q3 2017. Candidates, such as Lieutenant Governor Griffin, who have been active since before Q3 2017, do not have accurate cumulative totals represented in the online filing system. A report with the correct cumulative totals is included with this release.


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